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List your second-hand luxury items for free on Dubai Luxury Mart.

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It doesn’t cost money to list your second-hand luxury items.
Payments will only be taken for featured listings after June 1st 2022. 
We do not charge commission on the sale of items.

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • A worldwide community of shoppers who are interested in buying Authentic luxury items.
  • Free listing until June 1st 2022.
  • Seller protection and customer support to help you sell your second-hand luxury items.
In the future,we will process payments through direct bank transfer, allows you to process transactions with maximum security.


Here are some common questions about selling on
Dubai Luxury Mart

How do fees work on Dubai Luxury Mart?

First, we offer free registration and unlimited listings to all the buyers and items.Afterwards, we will set s fee for featured listings and hot list, to learn more register as a buyers and add your email to our newsletter, and we will be in touch with you as soon as the price is implemented.

How do featured listings work?

All buyers on our platform have an option to list their second-hand items as featured listings, which will set them on top of the search and be featured on home page & hot list, on top of being recommended to millions on our newsletter.

How do i post a listing?

Register as a vendor, and the go “my-account” add your informations such as real name, social links, upload your ID.
We take 24 hours to approve vendor accounts, right after you receive confirmation email, you can start selling!
Please note, all listings must be approved before they are listed on our website, to avoid  a case of rejected listing make sure you upload all documents required for proof of  Authenticity. After you successfully sell your item, list them as “sold” on your our website.

What documents are needed to sell?

We promise Authenticity to our buyers, which is why we require proof of identity and ownership of each item from all our buyers.
Proof of identity: ID, Passport, Driving Licence.
Proof of ownership: authenticity card for designer items.

What can I sell on Dubai Luxury Mart?

Dubai Luxury Mart provides a marketplace for second-hand luxury items only, buyers and sellers have one thing in common: love for luxury and quality. Anything from designer bags to private jets can be sold on Dubai Luxury Mart. We are the only website in the world that provide Luxury and Authenticity.

The website available at is operated and administrated by le grande techy LLC.

Still have more questions?
Feel free to contact us.


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